Composite Bonding

Achieve an instant smile transformation

This innovative treatment will allow you to instantly conceal any smile imperfections in just one visit. It can replace more expensive treatments like orthodontics, teeth whitening, veneers and crowns to achieve a natural-looking restoration that is also highly cost-effective. Composite bonding is now available in our Tamworth dental practice with our skilled and professional cosmetic dentistry team.

Composite bonding uses a composite resin that is applied directly to the teeth and shaped. It is then hardened using a blue light before being polished. It can help to conceal crooked teeth, chips, cracks, thinning enamel, uneven teeth, small gaps and discolouration. All of this can be achieved in just one visit and you’ll leave with a beautiful smile transformation.

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The composite bonding procedure explained

Composite resin is the same white material that is used in white fillings. First, we match this to the colour of your surrounding teeth, or choose a whiter shade if you are trying to achieve a whitening effect. This material is applied directly to your tooth and then shaped to achieve the desired result. It can then be cured using a blue light, which makes it feel as hard as your natural teeth.

We apply the finishing touches before polishing and finalising the restoration. Like a veneer or crown, the composite bonding can break off over time, however it can be more easily repaired, unlike crowns and veneers. Typically, composite bonding will last at least 5 years. After this time, you can either renew the composite bonding or choose a more permanent restoration like veneers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you care for bonded teeth?

You care for your bonded teeth just as you would any other teeth. This means brushing twice a day and flossing between teeth. You may need to follow special instructions from your dentist for flossing around your composite bonded teeth.

Is composite bonding permanent?

No, composite bonding will last for around 5 years, after which time you will need to replace the composite bonding or choose a more permanent restoration such as veneers. And since composite bonding is an additive treatment, when it wears away your teeth will not be damaged. None, or very little, of your enamel needs to be removed for this treatment. It is a very durable restoration, but the material will wear down over time.

Does composite bonding damage your teeth?

No, composite bonding shouldn’t damage your teeth. Instead, it can help to protect the teeth, particularly if you have thinning enamel. Areas with thin enamel are more prone to chips and cracks, so composite bonding can actually help to protect your teeth from further damage.