We are proud to offer transparent pricing across all treatments. At the start of your treatment plan, we will provide a full breakdown of costs so you know exactly what to expect. Our treatments are competitively priced to help make quality dentistry accessible and affordable to all. It’s also possible to combine quality NHS care with enhanced private treatments to upgrade your experience.

Private Fees

From 6th June 2022


Full Dental Examination (Existing Patient)


Scale and Polish (with dentist)


New Patient Dental Examination

(Usually £70) Now £35.00

Emergency Appointment (Does not include treatment)


Implant Consultation


Orthodontic Consultation


Smile Makeover Consultation



Small X-ray (Per X-ray)


Large Pan-oral X-ray


Fillings, Root Canal Treatment and Extractions

White Fillings (Composite)

From £95.00

Metal Fillings (Amalgam)

From £85.00

Glass Ionomer Fillings

From £60.00

Incisor/Canine Root Canal Treatment


Pre-molar Root Canal Treatment


Molar Root Canal Treatment


Tooth Extraction

From £95.00


Partial Acrylic Dentures

From £330.00

Full Denture (Upper or Lower)

From £400.00

Full Dentures (Upper and Lower)

From £600.00

Partial Cobalt Chrome Dentures

From £600.00

Addition of a Denture Tooth


Denture Repair


Crowns, Bridges, Onlays and Veneers

Recement Crown


Composite Veneer (per tooth)

From £375.00

Composite Bonding (per tooth)

From £150.00

Porcelain Veneer (per tooth)

From £375.00

Bridges (per unit)

From £475.00


From £400.00


From £400.00

Teeth Whitening

Boutique Home Whitening


Teeth Straightening

Invisalign (Clear Aligners)

From £3500.00

Quick Straight Teeth (Clear Fixed Braces)


Orthodontic Retainer


Implant Treatment

Implant (Single implant includes restoration)

From £2500.00

Bone Graft


Same Day Smile




From £120

Soft Splint


NHS Dental Patient Fees

There are 3 NHS charge bands:

Band 1


Covers an examination, diagnosis and advice. If necessary, it also includes X-rays, a scale and polish (if clinically needed) and planning for further treatment.

Band 2


Covers all treatment included in Band 1, plus additional treatment, such as fillings, root canal treament and removing teeth (extractions).

Band 3


Covers all treatment included in Bands 1 and 2, plus more complex procedures, such as crowns, dentures and bridges.

For further information on NHS Charges please visit